Smarter Homes

The popularity of Smart Speakers is growing from strength to strength with sales predicted to exceed 35 billion dollars is a few of years. Not bad for a product category that did not even exist before November 2014. Voice is such an intuitive natural way to communicate as humans have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years. The keyboard may well be viewed as an anomalous blip in a generation or two! The secret of course is the perfection of voice recognition to be able to accurately understand the commands being given to the Smart Speaker. This advances it from just being a voice-controlled device to play music into an invaluable personal assistant to answer questions, book events, and control devices in the home. The latter also means that Smart Speakers are forming the hub of a Smart Home to control the lighting, heating, access, smoke detection, and even run the bath water via its connection to your smart phone either directly or remotely via the internet.

Again, when it comes to turning a myriad of single chip solutions into one ASIC to reduce costs, size and power consumption, Sondrel is the first choice for companies working in this area as they also seek to add new features to make their devices smarter and give them that vital competitive edge over rivals. When you need a complex digital ASIC, Sondrel is your solution.

Smarter Cities

Thomas Jefferson once said "Knowledge is power". Today, "Data is smarter". The more you know about what is happening in real time, the better events can be managed. The ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) enables a wealth of data to be gathered to be processed and analysed so that informed decisions can be made. 

An excellent example of this is the development of Smart Cities where such data can be used to reduce costs, save energy, and optimise resource deployment in a dynamic, real-time manner that is much smarter than could be possible before.

The Sondrel skills that are ideal for this application are low power design for the IoT and also designing in security as data could be confidential and, at the very least, to keep hackers out.


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