Work at the leading edge of chip design

We are innovative

At Sondrel, we take designs all the way from inception to volume silicon meaning we can relate the work we do to specific products on the market. We work at the leading edge of chip design on the latest advanced nodes using our own tool chains, inventing new techniques all the time. Our projects vary from a wide range of industry sectors – from automotive to IoT, networking to UHD video camera. We are always innovating, encouraged to think differently and constantly breaking new ground with our work.

R&D projects

We are collaborative 

Being a full-service SoC design and ASIC manufacturing company going from concept to shipping silicon for customers, our employees work in large, multi-disciplinary teams where they share accumulated knowledge. We employ some of the best engineers in the industry who are committed to delivering the best possible solutions for customers and sharing the skills and experience with the rest of the Sondrel family. You’ll be working with and learning from the best and always be expanding your skill set.

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Employee programmes

We have employee recognition and award programmes for exceptional work. Our quarterly and yearly programmes reflect how our behaviours and attitudes influence how we work. You'll get the chance to work with colleagues from around the world and industry experts while also getting exposed to cutting-edge technology. There is a lot to accomplish since we are big enough, but there is also a lot of space for growth and influence.

Hybrid work environment

In order to offer our employees flexibility and maintain a good work-life balance, we have chosen a hybrid work environment. When it comes to how we collaborate, we think that building trust and open lines of communication is key to keeping our staff members engaged and motivated. You may have a powerful voice, contribute original ideas, and influence the strategic direction of the business with a culture that values autonomy and trust.

Training & career progression

We encourage lifelong learning, so you'll be able to push yourself and take on tasks outside of your area of expertise or field. You'll also be able to learn something new every day. With regular customised training, we enable you to develop in the direction you desire while promoting career growth through quarterly reviews.

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