We’re always innovating. Our Architecting the Future™ family of reference designs for major application areas can reduce design costs, risk and time by up to 30%. Rather than start from scratch with each new design, we have created reference designs that distil our experience of designing the architecture for such chips to create reusable IP platforms.  Onto this we add a customers IP with some customisation to create a bespoke solution for that customer. This reduces the overall design costs and risk as our IP platform is tested and ready to use which also means that the time to market is reduced as well.

Potential customers for ASIC are often concerned that a custom ASIC will be very expensive. Our semi-custom, reusable IP platforms not only reduce costs but also makes it much easier to give indicative costs for customers right at the start so that they can see how cost effective and affordable our solution will be. Our experience with each reference design means that we can estimate the ballpark costs for design, IP licensing, foundry, test, qualification and packaging right through to the total cost per unit. Just what is needed for budgeting a new project and deciding its viability.

SFA 200

Single channel, video & data processing

This reference design is targeted at fixed and mobile (battery powered) applications, such as Smart Home, Smart Metering, Sensor Fusion and other occasions where a compact chip can add processing smartsby providing local end-point data processing for data collection and analysis along with inference processing. It can be arrayed to implement scalable processing applications if required. Read the press release.

SFA 250A

Single channel ADAS

The SFA250A is aimed at Functional Safety (FuSa) applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and contains an independent FuSa monitor compliant to ISO 26262 ASIL D – ASIC Safety Subsystem (ASS). Individual subsystems are responsible for the detection and, where applicable, the correction of errors. The SFA 250A has been designed to be easy to adapt to suit the support needs of the customers IP as it is scalable, both in terms of function and performance, as well as modular as multiple versions can be combined to form larger solutions. Read the press release. Watch the video

SFA 300

Scalable quad channel video & data processing

The SFA 300 has four CPU clusters and enables ultra-powerful, scalable signal and data processing SoCs to be created faster for lower costs. It is targeted at signal and data processing and can be ganged together to scale the performance even further. Optional accelerators and/or custom logic can be integrated to increase performance and minimise for low power requirements. The SFA 300 enables fast, tailor-made solutions to be created for processing-intense applications such as 8K video, AI, facial recognition for surveillance, smart factories, blockchain servers and medical data analysis. Read the press release. Watch the video.

SFA 350A

Quad-channel ADAS

The SFA 350A platform has been specifically designed for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that are used to support driverless or automotive vehicle applications. It has four channels for sensors that can be either passive, such as optical via camera inputs, or active using LASER or RADAR. Communication to the vehicles central unit is via dual redundant links based on standard protocol such as Ethernet or PCIe. Read the press release. Watch the video.

SFA 100

Edge IoT data processing

Designed to be the solution for the device right at the edge, the SFA 100s low power requirement makes it the ideal platform for battery-powered IoT devices. Its onboard Arm® CPU can locally process data gathered from its associated sensors or sensors for onward transmission via wire or wireless connection for further analysis. Naturally, security is built in using standard secure/encrypted protocols. Read press release.  Watch the video.