Join the Morocco Internship Programme for 2023 

Applications for this region open Monday, 14th of November. To apply please email


Our paid intern programme is an excellent way for electronic engineering students to gain valuable on the job experience whilst studying. We work with local universities and engineering schools to identify students in their final year of studies and support the completion of their course work, ultimately leading to graduation!  Interns are fully supported by our experienced engineers who support interns to understand how we operate, the different engineering practises and learn about and use various engineering techniques.

Following the completion of the intern programme, students may have the opportunity to join us as a permanent member of the engineering team, where they will be working on live customers projects and continuing with their supported career development. Engineers benefit from a range of working on exciting projects, technical and personal development.

We are addressing the global shortage of skilled electronic engineers by strengthening our training programmes, making it possible for us to hire individuals with little to no relevant experience and quickly advance them along the learning curve.

We pioneered this in Morocco over a number of years with electronics graduates, where we work closely with the local university and engineering schools to provide internships to students in their final year of studies that form part of their course work.

Day in the life of an intern

Ouissal Maghouss

The itinerary below details my typical day as an intern for Sondrel Ltd. Generally, my job is to work on my internship subject to fully verify an IP. I work in a team that is always on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot efficiently.

7:30 AM - I wake up, pray, have a shower, apply make-up, put on clothes, and have breakfast, and check my inbox for any new messages or updates. Put on an already picked outfit, being well dressed makes me feel good and confident ready for the day ahead.

8:45 AM -I walk to the local taxi station and take one to the Technopolis where Sondrel is located.

9:00 AM - I start my workday by checking my email to see if I have any meetings planned for today and prepare what needs to be presented during them. Then I continue working on my internship subject following a fixed plan with support from my mentor and team.

1:30 AM - Time for lunch. I prefer bringing my homemade food as I do not trust the fast-food industry as it can be bad for your skin. I try to sit in a sunny area – coming from Marrakech, I love the sun!

14:00 AM - 17:30 - I head back to the office and continue working on my subject's progress, analysing wave forms trying to debug any incoming errors.

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