Sondrel exhibits at Embedded World 2019 and looks at how advanced Integrated Chips are shaping the future


As we prepare to exhibit at the EMBEDDED WORLD show in Germany this February, we take a look at how our need for connected devices is shaping the future all around us.

Follow us as we examine the trends and ideas in IC design that will become part of our world when they go to market in the next five years. As an independent IC design consultancy, with one of the largest and most highly skilled teams in the world, we occupy a privileged position of being exposed to developments in a wide range of areas. From industrial machinery to datacentres that operate the cloud infrastructure we all rely on right down to the edge node devices and the end node sensors that feed information to our apps, we see a number of important trends in the demand side that impact upon the design challenges our professionals grapple with daily. The businesses we support often choose us for the well regarded capabilities of our teams to solve engineering conundrums. One perennial challenge that has taken on a new dimension in recent years is that of power, performance and area, with the former two being our clients' driving concerns.

Stay tuned to this blog series and follow us on Linked In to learn about the challenges that can be overcome with superior engineering design and collaboration from the partners in our ecosystem: IP vendors, EDA software manufacturers and foundries all play a part in creating the optimum solution both technically and commercially.