Careers Blog - SoC Design & Pool Tables

Amidst the clatter of keyboards and chatter amongst engineers, a new sound can now be overhead in our Kings Langley office: the distant clap of balls being poked around the new pool table. This latest addition to our Hertfordshire-based SoC design centre has been a stroke of genius: it has added an extra dimension to an already vibrant working environment and it has added an additional outlet for employees to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves.

A pool tournament was held recently involving other companies based in the same building – just a shame that the Sondrel employee who reached the final lost despite putting in a decent performance! On the plus side, it has helped to develop our relationship with a company that works in the same sector as us. The pool table was purchased with funds from the Sondrel social committee budget. This has probably got you wondering about how we are planning to spend our social committee budget in 2018 so here goes…

Each Sondrel site is in the process of finalising their event plans for this year. Our social committee in Theale has come up with a list of events, done the costings and will shortly be advertising what will happen. We had to vote on a list of activities that was put together following a consultation with everyone based in the office. Most people appear to like sporty activities so we will be doing badminton and cricket events as well as the traditional favourites such as bowling and go-karting. We are also planning a day out in London visiting a selection of microbreweries.

You can find details of all of our job opportunities in the Sondrel Careers Section.

2018 has also seen the reintroduction to the Theale office of a curry club; it has been re-branded as the Sondrel Lunch Club and we go out for a meal on the last working day of every month. While curry is by far the most popular choice of food for us, we will go to other places and sample a range of different things. Sadly the idea of having meatballs at Ikea or a trip to that well-known Scottish restaurant, McDonalds, were not taken further. A trip to the local chinese restaurant is next on the agenda.

It’s not just our social committee efforts that help to maintain a happy and productive working environment - we recognise and reward achievement. All Sondrel employees can be nominated for a quarterly “Sondrel Stars” award by fellow staff. The selected 'Stars' of the quarter each receive £300 worth of Amazon vouchers. It is important that companies celebrate the efforts of those who through their perseverance, effort and behaviour are essential in creating the successful, supportive and welcoming company that we all work in.

Why is this important? Employee retention is a key issue for any company and Sondrel prides itself in this. Is it an important factor for you in considering your next position? You can find out more by emailing