Talk about our 8K Video Camera SoC design

Sondrel CTO Kevin Steptoe will be attending the NAB show in Las Vegas this year meeting senior decision makers from the camera and audiovisual world. As specialists known for our expertise in high definition video processing, Sondrel is regularly approached to produce chips with a strong visual processing component. This year our CTO will be showing our new range of accelerated ASIC designs for camera chips. Having produced several chips for leading manufacturers which are now in production serving the videography and high definition display markets, Sondrel has now created designs for next generation cameras.

From our SVB range, the SVB-200 design shows how the functionality for a next generation video camera for cinema grade footage can be produced on a System on Chip with all the functionality and more of a high end cinematography camera shooting 4K footage, but with features making it ready for wireless streaming over 5G and 8K filming. The design allows camera manufacturers to see the possibilities of creating an 8K camera with the same power consumption as a 4K camera ensuring that the device does not generate unwanted heat output and retains the portability and super-efficiency required for today's broadcast applications.

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