Sondrel to showcase security subsystem at IBC 2019 that can protect video assets when embedded in cameras, sound equipment and the CPE of Multi Service Operators and content distributors

Sondrel, Europe’s largest independent IC design consultancy will be unveiling its capability for incorporating comprehensive digital security features into connected devices, including video cameras with up to 11k resolution that can stream video or data in high resolution over WiFi or bonded mobile networks.

The system enables content creators and distributors to protect their brand names by ensuring that the valuable video and audio assets they supply can be trusted. The capability Sondrel is showcasing incorporates Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) principles directly into the device hardware making the main security features tamper resistant and more robust than security applied only at a software level. On chip-authentication allows the device to be established as a credible link in the chain of trust. The system allows device owners to be confident that data sent over the cloud comes from a trusted source.

Device manufacturers and content providers can use the capability to defend their integrity as suppliers while they manage the end-to-end distribution of data to consumers and protect content from hackers, thieves and violations during transmission. The chip-to cloud solution extends to an approved cloud-based device management platform that allows operators to track usage across thousands of endpoint devices. Importantly, the security capability is independently powered with an energy efficient design that remains available even when the main device is switched off.

Sondrel explains how the security subsystem can add value across the broadcast ecosystem from content creators to distributors. The embedded security subsystem can enable broadcasters to authenticate the individual camera device before distributing live footage, while content distributors can incorporate the subsystem into the set top boxes and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) used at the viewing endpoint to manage thousands of end user devices securely from their Network Operations Centres confident that they are streaming only to the hardware devices their business has issued.

VP of Business Development at Sondrel, Richard Ord, commented, “We have combined our deep technical capability for processing high quality video data with our commitment to data security following the Arm Platform Security Architecture principles. Through our collaboration with IP Vendors Arm® and other major players in the semiconductor industry we have co-created a solution that has wide reach across the broadcast industry ecosystem.”

To find out more about the products and solutions Sondrel will be demonstrating at the IBC Show, contact or visit Sondrel in Hall 5, Stand B.08 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam this September. Click here to visit the IBC 2019 web site.