Sondrel Simplifies Route to Custom IoT SoCs

Optimised Helium Design Flow and Industry Partnerships to Streamline IoT IC Supply Chain

Sondrel has adapted its Helium IC design flow specifically to address the next generation of IoT devices. The new optimised flow makes it easier for customers to meet the best price point for their custom IoT SoC, even if the unit volume may be small. The optimised Helium flow is designed to complement Sondrel’s extensive experience in developing application focussed ICs, supporting customers throughout the entire development process and helping them pull together all of the ingredients of design, IP sourcing and manufacturing to create their custom ASIC.

Sondrel VP APAC, Julian Kingsbury, commented, ‘Sondrel is in a unique position within the IC industry supply chain in addressing the wide variety of projects that are expected to fall under the IoT umbrella. Sondrel has both analog and digital design teams working from design centres in Europe, Morocco and China and we are connected to a wide range of IP providers, fabs and test and packaging providers in both regions. Sondrel has vast experience in SoC and mixed signal ASIC design, allowing us to pass on insights into the savings available to companies wishing to change from off-the shelf purchased ICs to new, lower cost, but higher performance ASICs.’

Sondrel is also supporting ways to make it easier for customers to access SoC IP, and fully support the relaunch of the ARM® DesignStart™ portal, which offers free access to ARM Cortex®-M0 processor IP to streamline embedded SoC design. The move by ARM to offer free design and simulation, and a low-cost fast track route to the Cortex-M0 complements Sondrel’s moves to continue to build the environment necessary to help navigate new application focussed customers through the IC supply chain; creating relationships with IP providers, fabs and test and packaging providers globally.

“For developers looking to bring new IoT devices to market, the ability to quickly design, test and commercially deploy solutions is key to their success," said Thomas Ensergueix, director, product marketing, CPU group, ARM. “Sondrel’s extensive experience in ASICs and its collaboration with the ARM DesignStart portal will enable new and existing companies to create innovative custom chips optimized around energy-efficient ARM processors.”

Sondrel is also working with nano-electronics research centre imec, to realise customer IoT ICs. Phill Christie from imec’s IC-link division commented in the imec magazine ’New product ideas can be generated by small teams of people and taken quickly to small volume production and are no longer only the domain of large international corporations. Imec IC-link and its partners have committed to support this process, by providing infrastructure, design and IP assistance.’


Helium 8 Build Tool

Helium 8 allows the client to select their PPA prioritisation, allowing Sondrel to select best in class EDA tools most suitable to delivering to your requirements. The selected EDA flow is run within our Helium environment with a graphical interface to report project progress to the client.