Sondrel ISO 27001 Certification in Information Security Management

Following an assessment by the British Assessment Bureau in December 2015, Sondrel Limited has successfully achieved certification to the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.

Sondrel Limited, founded in 2002, is a rapidly growing UK headquartered and privately owned IC Design Consultancy, operating in offices around the world. Information security is fundamental to every Sondrel customer engagement and partnership. Surrounding every professional consultant, dealing with customer and project confidentiality on a daily basis, is a robust infrastructure ensuring the physical and data security of the work that is carried out for clients. ISO27001 certification is the proof that this infrastructure is in place, and has been independently verified by an internationally recognised third party organisation.

This rigorous assessment is backed by UKAS accreditation - supported by government - and is carried out once a year in order to ensure ISO certified organisations, such as Sondrel Limited, demonstrate continual improvement as well as simply ongoing compliance to the standard.

ISO 27001 involves the implementation of an Information Security Management System, which enables organisations to formalise data security processes, resulting in improved performance and - as a result - improved customer satisfaction.

Through achieving the ISO 27001 standard, Sondrel Limited is able to demonstrate they meet the global best practice for data security management. COO and Information Security Officer Joe Sanchez commented;

“Our engineering and technical expertise, help our clients overcome project related challenges. As a professional, global design consultancy it is essential we prove that we take clients data extremely seriously and that it is always secure. This is where ISO 27001 really ticked the box for Sondrel – we have been certified by an independent and impartial certification body [the British Assessment Bureau], showing complete compliance to data security management. We look forward to the successes the certification will bring us in 2016.”