Sondrel CEO Returns from China Trip with a Positive Message for UK

Sondrel CEO, Graham Curren, has returned to the UK this week, having accompanied Lord Sassoon, Chairman of the China Britain Business Council (CBBC), and other CBBC board members on a week-long visit to China, taking in the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Changsha. The itinerary included participation in the CBBC annual flagship event in China – the ‘China Outbound Conference’, held in Beijing, and meetings with the Academy of Science, The Ministry of Commerce People's Republic of China (Mofcom) and the Governor of Shaanxi province.

It is in the capital of Shaanxi, Xi'an, where Sondrel has recently opened a new enlarged design centre to accommodate it’s enhanced facilities and growing engineering team. The new design centre, compliant with international security standards, is home to a team of IC Design Engineers providing project support and execution for a local and international client base.

'I believe that the willingness of chinese companies to do business with the UK has never been stronger,’ commented Graham Curren Sondrel CEO. He added, ‘On this trip it has been evident how positively the chinese business community has responded to the recent state visit to the UK of the chinese President Xi Jinping. The state visit was prominently covered by the chinese media. Sondrel has had a presence in China since 2008 when I opened the first Sondrel office here in Xi'an. The local government has always been supportive of Sondrel in establishing an office in the city.‘

The CEO continued, ' Economic growth in China this year at 6.5% is still higher in dollar terms than ever before, and is making a higher contribution to world GDP growth than ever before. Looking at percentage growth only, as many recent media stories have tended to do, is misleading to UK businesses contemplating doing business in China. My message to them would be that there has never been a better time than now.'