Senior executives from Sondrel will be visiting Rabat in July interviewing senior engineers

Embedded Software Manager: Interviewing on 10th July

Leading IC Design consultancy, Sondrel expands its engineering team in response to growing demand for its SoC design and delivery services. Senior executives from the company will be visiting Sondrel's design centre in Rabat, Morocco in July to share its growth plans internally and interview senior engineers in key disciplines.

Since opening its IC Design Centre of Excellence in the Technopolis business district in Rabat in 2015, Sondrel has grown rapidly from 15 to 42 full time IC design engineers in three domains of silicon chip design: Verification and Design for Test; Design; and Physical Design. Now Sondrel plans to create a team based in Rabat specialising in Embedded Software Engineering to develop and test the software components of its System on Chip and ASIC designs. The first step in achieving this is finding a senior manager who can build and lead the team locally. James Hartley, Director of Software Engineering at Sondrel, commented, "As a business we are taking on more end-to-end development projects with a strong component of artificial intelligence (AI) and encryption. These projects place increasing demands upon our embedded software specialists and we are now seeking to expand our team by adding high calibre, senior engineering professionals based in our Rabat office."

VP of Business Development, Richard Ord commented, "Sondrel clients range from start-up firms in Silicon Valley to some of the most famous household names in technology. Our engineers typically work in multi-disciplinary, multi-site project environments on leading edge technology and part of our strength as a business is our ability to bring great minds together from different specialist areas as well as geographies."

Coordinated from the programme office at company headquarters in Theale, UK, Sondrel's client projects are executed by technical specialists from Sondrel design centres in India, China, France and the UK who collaborate through each stage from architectural design through to the delivery of the fully packaged silicon chip. Senior HR Officer for Sondrel, Wissal Talib commented, "The candidates that show a willingness to work collaboratively in an international environment and travel on business are also those with strong academic and professional backgrounds. We create an environment at Sondrel in which employees can develop professionally and be rewarded for their achievements."

James Hartley will be interviewing candidates for the senior team-lead role in Embedded Software Engineering on 10th July. The right candidate will be someone with relevant experience in embedded software and the leadership skills to establish and manage a high performing team to support global projects taking direction from James Hartley in the UK.

Last minute applications will be considered up until 8th July and interested parties are encouraged to apply through the web site or contact for further information.