Sondrel’s IP platform provides powerful computing at the Edge with integrated Arm security subsystem

SFA200 diagramReading, UK  7 September 2021. Sondrel has created a powerful, quad core IP platform, the SFA 200, that is ideal for ASIC solutions for remote gathering and processing of video and data at the Edge with secure onwards transmission of the results. The resulting, single channel ASICs can be arrayed together to form scalable processing solutions and additional features can be added in a modular fashion. Applications include smart metering, smart homes, smart factories, voice-controlled devices and infotainment.

Each ASIC is based on a CPU cluster for general purpose tasks and an AI cluster for neural network tasks with supporting memory and interfaces. The CPU cluster of Arm® CPU cores, nominally 4, provide a powerful processing capability by using either an Arm A53 or A55 with 9 - 10 GMIPS at 1 GHz nominal. The Neural Net cluster is based on either Arm Ethos cores or DSP-AI cores providing nominally 4 TOPS performance. Custom AI cores can be integrated as an alternate if required. 

The chip design has a composable Network on Chip system fabric, multi-path, multi-width (64b to 512b) data path at a nominal 800MHz. There is performance optimisation of the data flow for application, QoS arbitration and scheduling support. The System Management Subsystem (SMS) manages the configuration, start-up (Boot) and operation modes of the SoC along with active power management for low or battery powered applications.

The integral security subsystem uses either an Arm A53 or M33, as the application demands, to provide activity/intrusion monitoring, software signing and crypto, and authentication to resist hacking, which is further enhanced by watchman behaviour tracking and deviation detection.

The SFA 200 design just needs the customer’s own IP or application-specific, off-the-shelf IP to create the final ASIC thus providing a low risk, faster time to market. To further reduce risk and time to market, Sondrel offers a full turnkey service that turns designs into fully tested, shipping silicon.

The SFA 200 is part of Sondrel’s Architecting the future™ family of IP platforms and the datasheet can be downloaded at  

SFA 200 illustration



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