Meet CEO Graham Curren in Seoul on 3rd July

Sondrel's founder and Chief Executive, Graham Curren will be attending the Samsung Foundry Forum in Seoul, Korea on 3rd July fielding questions about Sondrel's design capability and input to the Musca-S1 chip launched earlier this year. Following the unveiling of the Musca-S1 IoT Demonstrator in San Jose in May, at the first of a series of Samsung Foundry Forum events Sondrel has been explaining the chip-to-cloud security capabilities of Musca-S1 both at other Samsung Foundry events and offline.

As a leading IC design consultancy and system solution provider, Sondrel is able to define, design industrialise and manage the supply chain for OEMs and systems houses. With the launch of the Musca-S1 chip, Sondrel is receiving interest from companies looking to capitalise on low-power data security features of Musca-S1 which seamlessly connects to Arm's secure cloud infrastructure enabling businesses to manage multiple devices from a single secure interface. Relevant to small, discrete devices such as Co2 sensors, vibration monitors, fleet vehicle locators and fitness trackers, Musca-S1 can be used by traditional consumer product vendors to track product usage in the field or by businesses managing an estate of buildings, vehicles or equipment. Also capable of being included as a security subsystem in the much larger, complex digital chips Sondrel is renowned for, Musca-S1 includes the Samsung eMRAM and has been proven in silicon on the Samsung foundry 28nm FD-SOI process.

Sondrel worked in partnership with IP Vendor, Arm(R), as well as Samsung Foundry and EDA and IP Vendor Cadence to produce the chip and set a new standard for power-efficient IoT devices that are designed to be secure at hardware, operating system, software and network levels.

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