Graham Curren joins judging panel for another year

For a second year running, Sondrel CEO, Graham Curren will be judging the award, run by Electronics Weekly in the UK, that recognises exceptional talent in engineers under the age of 30. Graham joins a panel of experts chosen for their ability to identify excellence in the field of electronic engineering.

From its inception 17 years ago as a two person team, Graham has grown Sondrel into the world’s largest independent IC design team of highly skilled electronic engineers. The company offers career paths to exceptional graduates and has a track record of retaining and developing the best talent in the industry. Graham is widely respected for his ability to identify and nurture talent and is an enthusiastic sponsor of activities to promote careers in Engineering, from STEM and WISE initiatives in the UK that aim to promote science and engineering careers to senior school students through to programmes aimed at undergraduates and graduates, Graham endorses activities that foster an awareness of the stimulating prospects that lay before those who choose an engineering career path.

"High performance engineering starts with high performing engineers," said Graham Curren. "Engineers continually break new ground in what they do and should be recognised for this and be proud of their achievements."

For more information on the award and Sondrel's commitment to developing talent in the industry.