Turning Your Chip Need into Silicon Reality: Sondrel’s Comprehensive Service

In the dynamic landscape of advanced semiconductor solutions, Sondrel stands at the forefront, empowering customers to transform their innovative concepts into reality. With a rich legacy of expertise and a commitment to excellence, our comprehensive ASIC services encompass design, manufacture, and supply chain management, providing a seamless journey for customers at every stage of their custom ASIC development process. We manage the entire project holistically to ensure success.

With a track record of hundreds of successful projects, we are the trusted partner that leading companies rely on to deliver right-first-time ASICs that ensure their leading position in the market and therefore they keep returning to us project after project.

We offer a full turnkey, end-to-end approach from idea to silicon and you can engage with us at any point along the journey to your custom ASIC.

Here’s an overview of how we can turn your ideas into a state-of-the-art silicon chip.


1. Design: Nurturing ideas into your custom ASIC

The journey begins with ideation and project planning. Our expert teams will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements, technical goals, and market objectives. We offer tailored solutions that optimise power consumption, performance, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that your new ASIC aligns perfectly with your vision.


Key Steps in the Design Process:

Concept Planning and Architecture: Together, we lay the groundwork for your ASIC, defining its key features, functionality, and target specifications.

Feasibility Study: We conduct thorough feasibility studies to assess the viability of your project, identifying potential challenges and recommending suitable solutions.

System-on-Chip (SoC) Design: Our experienced designers craft the ASIC floorplan, optimising the chip's architecture for optimal performance and scalability.

Prototyping and Verification: We develop prototypes to validate ASIC functionality and perform rigorous verification to ensure design accuracy.

Customisation and Iteration: Throughout the design process, we encourage client feedback and accommodate customisation requests, iterating to achieve the best results.


2. Manufacture: Precision and Expertise in ASIC Fabrication

With ASIC design finalized, the project transitions into the manufacturing phase. Sondrel partners with world-class foundries such as TSMC, Samsung and Global Foundries to ensure the highest quality standards during fabrication. Our manufacturing experts oversee the entire process, adhering to strict quality control measures to deliver ASICs that surpass expectations.


Key Steps in the Manufacturing Process:

Foundry Selection: We meticulously choose foundries based on project requirements, ensuring the most suitable manufacturing process, technology node, and capabilities.

Layout and Mask Preparation: Our designers create precise layouts, defining the positioning of each component on the ASIC, which is then converted into masks for fabrication.

Wafers and Wafer Testing: The ASIC design is etched onto silicon wafers, and each wafer undergoes thorough testing to identify defects and ensure functionality.

Assembly and Packaging: We collaborate with trusted packaging partners to package the ASIC and protect it with the appropriate packaging solution.

Final Testing and Quality Assurance: The fully packaged ASICs undergo comprehensive testing and quality assurance checks to guarantee flawless performance.


3. Supply Chain Management: Seamless Delivery and Support

In parallel with the manufacturing process, Sondrel takes charge of the supply chain, optimising logistics and ensuring timely delivery. Our efficient supply chain management streamlines the flow of components, reducing lead times and minimising the risk of supply chain disruptions.


Key Steps in Supply Chain Management:

Component Sourcing and Procurement: Our supply chain team works diligently to source high-quality components from reputable suppliers, ensuring on-time availability.

Logistics Coordination: We oversee the smooth movement of components and finished ASICs, collaborating with trusted logistics partners to optimise delivery times.

Timely Distribution: Once ASICs are ready for deployment, we ensure prompt delivery to clients' locations, eliminating unnecessary delays.

Post-Sales Support: Our commitment doesn't end with delivery. We provide dedicated post-sales support, addressing any issues or inquiries to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Engaging at Any Stage of Your ASIC Journey

At Sondrel, we recognise that every client's ASIC journey is unique. Whether you have a well-defined project ready for fabrication or seek guidance for concept planning, we are ready to partner with you at any stage of the process.

1. Starting Your ASIC Project:

If you have a vision for an ASIC project but are unsure where to begin, our team of experts is here to help. We'll guide you through the concept planning and architecture stages, conducting thorough feasibility studies to refine your ideas and set realistic goals.


2. Advancing Your ASIC Design:

If your ASIC design is already underway, we offer SoC design solutions that optimise power consumption, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Collaborating closely with your team, we iterate and customise designs to achieve optimal results.


3. Preparing for Manufacturing:

Once your ASIC design is complete, we facilitate a seamless transition to the manufacturing phase. Our supply chain management team works tirelessly to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality components, minimising lead times and reducing the risk of disruptions.


4. Post-Production Support:

Our commitment to your success extends beyond delivery. With dedicated post-sales support, we stand by your side, addressing any inquiries and ensuring that your ASIC performs optimally throughout its lifecycle.

In concludiion, at Sondrel, we take pride in offering a comprehensive journey for custom ASIC development, encompassing design, manufacture, and supply chain management. With a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, excellence, flexibility, and quality, we invite you to partner with us at any stage of your ASIC journey. Let's unlock your vision for innovation together and make it real.

Contact us today to embark on an ASIC journey perfectly tailored for your success.