It’s not all just sitting in front of a computer screen

In many design companies, engineers spend virtually all of their time sat in front of a computer doing the same thing day after day. At Sondrel, we always try and provide variety to make work more interesting and challenging. Junior engineers are actively encouraged to try new disciplines to increase their breadth of knowledge and skill base. For example, in one project, they had hands-on experience improving chip validation procedures by significantly increasing automation
“This was very much hands on work with real silicon and a variety of lab equipment. It was a fun and challenging project with the team covering everything from designing and building custom test rigs through to writing high-level Python scripts to describe the tests and bind the whole thing together,” said Ben Fletcher, Sondrel’s Director of Engineering.
“It’s great working with actual chips on test boards. I’ve enjoyed the way we are working and the amount of freedom we have in the way we work. And it has been a good chance to learn and practice so many different skills,” commented Matthew Edwards, an engineer who worked on the project. “I’ve also enjoyed working with the other engineers and getting to be creative with solutions along the way,” added Charlie Passey, another member of Sondrel’s engineering team.
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