Meet us at CES

5 Jan 2024 - Meet us at CES and discuss how Sondrel can design and produce your custom ASIC.

Sondrel’s innovative ‘Architecting the Future’ design platform reduces the time taken to design a complex ASIC and accelerates time to market with reduced risk and optimised performance.

Architecting the Future‘ is a product of 20+ years of experience in delivering custom digital ASICs at the leading edge of silicon process technology. Which is why our customers engage with Sondrel on the most complex designs and advanced nodes down to 3nm. Our recent experience includes ASIC solutions for AI-powered automotive, AI Accelerators, High Performance and Edge Compute applications.

If you are visiting CES, we would love to meet up to discuss how Sondrel can bring your innovative ASIC ideas to market.  

To schedule a meeting with the Sondrel team, please click.