December 2016 Curry & Pub Night Out UK

Curry & Pub Night Out UK

December 2016

To get us in the mood for christmas a group of dusted off our christmas jumpers and headed off for a meal and a drink in the local pub. Chakradeep gets the prize for the best christmas jumper!....

November 2016 A November Birthday Celebrations in Xi'an

A November Birthday Celebrations in Xi'an

November 2016

Yanmin, Feifei and Yulin all have birthdays in November, so a joint celebration was organised by the Xi'an team. Happy Birthday guys!

November 2016 Shanghai Double Celebration

Shanghai Double Celebration

November 2016

There was a double celebration dinner organised by the Shanghai office - for Franks' birthday and to welcome Joy back after her break for maternity leave. The food looks amazing...

November 2016 Moroccan Social Committee Lunch

Moroccan Social Committee Lunch

November 2016

The SSC team organised lunch for all the moroccan employees. They enjoyed different dishes, in a beautiful setting, in glorious sunshine. It was also a chance to invite a future colleague who will be joining in January 2017. Great idea!

August 2016 Sondrel Morocco celebrates its 1st Anniversary

Sondrel Morocco celebrates its 1st Anniversary

August 2016

No party is complete without a cake! The Sondrel team in Morocco celebrate its first anniversary. It's been quite a year, with 30 new employees joining us in Rabat. How time flies!

June 2016 Multi Event at Wokefield Park, UK

Multi Event at Wokefield Park, UK

June 2016

In the Berkshire countryside we ventured out to try Karting, Crossbows and Segways. Here is a picture of the victorious team. Great karting skills from Jamie and Steve, super accurate shooting from Chakradeep, Beverly, Amit and John Leary, and lots of screaming from Marta on the Segway slalom. A great day out!

June 2016 The French team at a Lock-out Event

The French team at a Lock-out Event

June 2016

Scary stuff! The french team got together to organise a unique event challenge. They were locked into the secret room of a high security wing of an abandoned asylum and they had an hour to find a way out of the room. Glad to find out that they succeeded and are back in the office!

May 2016 Morocco Office Opening

Morocco Office Opening

May 2016

The Moroccan team joined guests, including her Majesty's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Karen Betts, to celebrate the opening of the new design center in Rabat. The ribbon was cut, and evereyone tucked into the buffet!

December 2015 Christmas Lunch in Antibes

Christmas Lunch in Antibes

December 2015

The French office opted for a very spohisticated Christmas party this year - lunch in Antibes, and some delicious local food gifts. Joyeux Noël!

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