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Join our IC Engineering Contractor's database.

Sondrel is undergoing a strong phase of growth right now, with a number of new full time positions coming on stream in several office locations. Our Hyderabad office in India is welcoming an influx of talented engineers from around the country. While we continue to find engineers to fill our permanent roles we're covering our resourcing requirements with contract positions, mainly in the UK, India and China and Morocco.

Stay in touch

If you've applied for a contract position with Sondrel in the past, or if you have enjoyed working for Sondrel previously, we'd love to keep in touch with you. We are currently updating our global contractor database and are inviting contract engineers to let us know if they are interested in being part of our future. We are simply asking what roles and locations you are interested in and then, should anything suitable arise, we'll email you with details. It's then up to you whether you apply depending on your availability and the role itself.

Expand your horizons

If you like the travel and the freedom of contract work, let us know the locations that would interest you as we can keep you posted on developments outside your home country too.

Career defining projects

One thing many of our permanent and contract employees love about Sondrel is the exciting technology they get to work on. We've recently taped out a project for a very famous international technology giant at 7nm: one of the most advanced process nodes. We have another 7nm project in progress at the moment and not only is it working at a very advanced node level - it is also an extremely large chip. It is so large in area that the chip is actually a grouping of one large chip with several smaller ones around the edges, connected in. This is, in itself, a stimulating challenge. Some of our other projects are also dealing with IP that is in development - working with IP companies to implement the very latest version of their processors. At Sondrel we often work on projects involving video processing and as you can imagine, that involves the management of large volumes of data. GPUs and CPUs are not the only processors involved. One project at 16nm involves intensive video processing and highly complex AI. This project will be a major first when it comes to market - and one that the engineers involved will definitely remember as a highlight of their careers.

Great fun

Whether you are a contractor or a permanent employee, you will get to take part in social events, team building and lateral thinking challenges and fun stuff that usually involves a lot of food. We have cakes to share whenever there is a birthday, monthly snack and chat events during which we down tools and many other social activities during working hours. They offer everyone a chance to mingle socially, network and feel part of the wider team and that can be helpful if you're new and not so many people know your name.

Keep us posted

Our recruiters do all the hard work themselves - we rarely use agencies. So it's them you need to keep in touch with. One of the best ways to do so, apart from joining our database, is to follow the company on Linked In and follow the recruiters too. Connect with Judy for roles in Europe and Srujani and India, or Wissal for roles in Morocco. If you want to work in China, follow our company and our team on WeChat.

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