Our Services

Sondrel provides three core services: 

IC Design Services Supply Chain Outsourced Design Services (ODC)


Advanced SoCs typically use the latest technologies and concepts or the very newest silicon processes in order to achieve greater responsiveness and higher performance.  Our work for leading global technology brands gives us exposure to the most advanced processes, making us one of the few independent design consultancies with experience using the tools newly designed for advanced processes. 

In addition to selecting the most efficient process node, advanced SoCs employ advanced processing concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Video Processing which depend on specific processing cores to operate.  Our partnerships with Arm(R), Samsung (R) Foundry and leading IP vendors gives our architects access to up to date information on the newest and most trusted processing cores available in the market. 

These things combined enable us to architect and deliver complex or advanced IC designs with confidence. Our collective expertise, underpinned by our proven design flow, can de-risk your project and deliver your solution efficiently and effectively. You can engage with Sondrel with confidence that your project will meet or exceed your definition of success.


The demand for products incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) is are flourishing. Solutions coming to market under the wide umbrella of AI can personalise the end-user experience. They can support and augment human decision-making in both trivial and life-changing situations.

SoC designs for AI are typically complex and involve a finely tuned balance of power and performance requirements. We have successfully delivered optimised SOC designs  incorporating AI technologies involving Cognitive Neural Networking (CNN) IP within a large multi-core heterogeneous system.

Our work in this area is not partial: we have been trusted and acknowledge for delivering SoC projects from concept, through architecture, design, verification, implementation and bring-up to qualified silicon. 

Design Expertise - View our reference designs and recent projects

Secure IoT


We can accellerate the design process for any internet connected or smart device with the Musca-S1 IoT solution. This can be used as a subsystem in a larger dsign providing the security infrastructure or used as the basis for a simple IoT device by adding a sensor and RF module connecting the secure central system to any sensor input and any wireless network.

8K Video Camera

SVB 200

Based on our work on a platform chip for professional video cameras we have designed a next generation camera that can stream video over WiFi or cellular networks in 8K definition. Use our platform design as the basis for your video camera product.

Wireless video display

Multi screen display from one unit

Take still or moving imagery and send it to one fixed unit. From there you can stream your video or stills to multiple wireless monitors or screens without delay. Fast manipulation of vast quantities of data move is our area of expertise.


autonomous driving

Working to ISO26262 standards we can create ASIL ready designs for self driving vehicles.


High Performance Compute

We have extensive experience of working on large area, high performance products such as those that power data centre servers and are created on 7nm processes.