Sondrel exhibits at the Samsung Foundry Forum event in Silicon Valley this May

Sondrel will be at the Samsung Foundry's flagship event this year at the Marriot Hotel, Santa Clara. Sondrel will be among other members of the SAFE(TM) ecosystem exhibiting at the event. The Sondrel booth will feature Sondrel's Internet of Things solutions including a range of reference designs for IoT devices across the complexity spectrum from simple sensor based smart devices to highly intelligent rich node devices with a large component of AI and data-rich sensors such as video cameras.

IC Design Partner of Choice

Sondrel is Europe's largest independent IC Design Consultancy, with a team of 225 engineers across seven secure design centres in the UK, India, China, Morocco and France. Since its inception in 2002, Sondrel has created hundreds of System on Chip and ASIC designs down to 7nm for clients and is recognised for its technical excellence in complex digital designs and high quality video processing. As an industry leader in the architecture and physical design of SoCs, Sondrel is frequently engaged to create some of the more sophisticated internet-connected devices that come under the banner of the Internet of Things. Amongst these, recent designs include a video processing platform SoC that is in use in professional quality cameras used to film for TV, Broadcast and Cinema and which can output and stream content at 4K resolution. At the simpler and less complicated end of the IoT device spectrum Sondrel has created automotive designs for distributed constrained node devices such as tyre pressure sensors and Electric Vehicle (EV) fuel cell sensors.

Accelerating time to market for IoT device development

As demand for connected devices rises, Sondrel has taken a stand to encourage the responsible development of IoT designs by employing a standard security subsystem and low power architecture to ensure that all IoT devices are created with optimum data security and power efficiency.

At the event, Sondrel will be sharing its plans to deploy a best of breed, IoT security subsystem in all its future connected-device designs. The subsystem is based on IP from Arm(R) which is now offered as a kit and contains the components required to ensure that devices are secure from chip to cloud, with security being designed in at the hardware and software levels, smoothly connecting to a secure cloud infrastructure also offered by Arm(R) giving device owners the ability to manage multiple IoT devices securely at scale.

Offering a range of 80% silicon-proven Reference Designs

Sondrel offers potential clients a range of IoT reference designs based on successful devices already deployed in the market and proven in silicon. Within these designs, Sondrel has integrated an IoT security subsystem based on Arm(R) IP giving clients the assurance of digital security provisions conformant with Arm's(R) Platform Security Architecture (PSA) principles. The Musca-S1 IoT security subsystem is already silicon-proven and will be demonstrated in a simple IoT device at the Samsung Foundry Forum event. Combining this subsystem with existing Sondrel reference designs establishes approximately 80% of the IoT design. The remaining 20% comes from the IP chosen to adapt the core design to the specific client requirement.

By presenting a range of IoT device templates with a core of 80% silicon-proven IP, Sondrel is able to provide a confident estimation of the project timeline and cost at an early stage of engagement, allowing product owners to make an immediate decision about the commercial viability of their product, establishing whether they can meet their critical time to market and budgetary goals. The reference designs act as a starting point for discussion and remove much of the perceived uncertainty that surrounds complex design projects.

Providing confidence in the timing of market entry

By creating a platform for discussion around cost, project duration and IP selection, Sondrel aims to support business owners in judging whether they can meet their goals of penetrating their device marketplace at the ideal point in order to gain the traction they seek in terms of product sales. By future-proofing every IoT design with security architecture based on the Arm(R) PSA principles, and the possibility of a connection to the Arm(R) Pelion(TM) IoT device management platform, Sondrel offers clients further assurance that their IoT devices will have an enduring shelf-life.

Assured routes to silicon

Working with Foundry partners to select the most appropriate process node for IoT designs, Sondrel's architects also offer device owners the option to ensure their products are power efficient, and have the capability to maintain an always-available security infrastructure that protects the device against compromise.

Further news about advances in process node technology to support IoT designs will become available at the Samsung Foundry Forum event.

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The Musca-S1 IoT security subsystem which will be integrated with Sondrel Reference Designs for IoT devices.

Supporting advancements towards Intelligence at the edge of the IoT

Connected devices classified as Internet of Things products fall upon a spectrum from the functionally simple, constrained node devices such as voice activated light bulbs, through to highly sophisticated AI driven systems at the rich node end of the spectrum. These 'edge node devices' are supported by an increasingly specialised array of servers in datacentres that have been optimised for the specific internet payload they need to process. Servers designed to plumb databases rapidly to support CRM systems, for example or those fine tuned to handle the data-heavy payload of video and image-centric platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are based on chips of a larger area, with specialised processors, optimised to be highly responsive and performant while also delivering minimal heat output, which would cause a significant burden on datacentre managers in terms of air conditioning costs and environmental footprint.

Sondrel's constrained node device designs provide a starting point for IoT device owners planning distributed sensor nodes connected by a single interface, such as building vibration sensors, city pollution and air quality sensors or even vehicle tyre pressure sensors. Sondrel's rich node device designs provide an equally secure design framework for devices with more data-intensive loads such as those for processing video streams in advanced surveillance applications with AI that identifies targeted faces and objects at a distance on command.

Starting with Arm(R) M Class core processors and ranging up to designs featuring Arm(R) A Class cores and specialised processors, the Sondrel reference designs offer would-be IoT product owners exemplars that can be reliably customised and reproduced by the experience team of IC engineers that created them.

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