IC Design Consultancy, Sondrel, will be exhibiting at the Embedded World show in Nurenberg, 2019

Sondrel's team will be offering visitors a chance to explore their vision of a connected world, with the car acting as an intelligent edge node device in a smart city, interacting with smart street furniture, communicating on many levels across the cloud whilst maintaining its imperative requirements for functional safety, energy efficiency and data security.

The key themes and ideas being showcased at Embedded World will be covered in Blog articles in the run up to the event and demonstrate how Sondrel's 200 strong engineering team has been developing increasingly complex edge node devices that redefine what internet of things (IoT) devices can and are doing to engage, assist, inform and entertain users without encumbering power sources or posing security risks to their end users.

Embedded Software and Firmware are key to a connected future

From working on IC designs at the most advanced nodes it is clear that software and firmware account for an increasingly substantial proportion of System On Chip and ASIC products. Giving users the capability to update software throughout the product's lifetime, alongside the need for devices to be intelligent and autonomous in themselves mean that embedding complex software is central to the functionality of a chip as a whole.

Calling Embedded Software Engineers

Sondrel will is actively recruiting for a number of positions and seeks exceptional talent to join its growing embedded software and firmware team. Sondrel's Head of Software, James Hartley commented, "Embedded Software engineers of the calibre we seek can look forward to exciting and rewarding careers with Sondrel. We welcome discussions with embedded firmware and software specialists about the opportunities within our international team."