Sondrel will be exhibiting at the Samsung event in Shanghai this June, showcasing its complex digital design skills as a Design Partner within the Samsung Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE(TM) programme. Following the successful launch of the Musca-S1 IOT demonstrator in Santa Clara on 14th May, made jointly by Sondrel, Samsung, Arm and Cadence, Sondrel will also be sharing its accelerated design processes for IoT chips, all of which feature the Musca-S1 capability as a security subsystem providing chip to cloud security and low power design with embedded MRAM (eMRAM) from Samsung as key components.

VP of Global Business Development, Richard Ord, will be there along with the head of Sondrel's Xi'An Design Centre, Aidong Zhang. The Design Centre of Excellence in Xi'an is recognised as providing high quality IC engineering services for complex digital ASIC and SoC designs for some of the world's leaders in electronic technology.