Opportunities for Travel - An Employee Interview

We are delighted to welcome Jin Da to the Theale office. He has taken the opportunity to move to the UK from our China office in Xi’an, and is settling in very well. He joined Sondrel in November 2012 and has worked on high-profile projects for us, as a trusted Engineering Manager. As in China, he will be a key part of our verification team in the UK. He is currently working with the engineering team on a system on chip for a professional camera product. 

Jin Da explained, ‘Coming to work here is an adventure on many levels. Working with the UK team on challenging SoC designs helps me to strengthen my verification expertise. It expands my project experience into new application areas – so professionally this is all good news for me.  On a personal level outside of work, this is my first visit to the UK. I love to travel, and so this opportunity lets me experience and explore the culture here.'

Jin Da is already enjoying life in Reading and is looking to engage in some of his favourite hobbies, one of which is hiking. The Lake District, Cotswolds, Snowdonia and Chilterns are all parts of the UK that have been recommended to him as potential destinations.

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