On Camera Video Processing & Editing


This SoC was designed for a leading supplier of camera technology solutions. It combines the functionality of recording, playback, monitoring and editing into a single device, and can be attached to a video camera. The device is compatible with all major camera suppliers, transforming a normal video camera into a professional camera and editing suite.

The Design

This 28nm SoC design has a multi-core heterogeneous architecture, comprising three different CPUs, a GPU, Video Encode and Decode engines, multiple sensor inputs, an image signal processor, WiFi, HDMI 2.0 RX/TX, and a host of peripherals, all combined with a complex system network on chip (NoC).

SoC Team

The Sondrel team of hardware and software engineering experts has been designing SoCs since the early 90s'. The team’s track record has included multiple projects involving graphics processors for TV, camera and gaming platforms, as well as digital radio processors, routers and wifi streaming chips.

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