SoC for an Intelligent Factory Environment


Technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) now allows for more intelligent and autonomous factory environments, with the benefits of maximising efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing safety processes. Sondrel has the know-how and development IP to support SoCs with AI technologies. This high-end compute SoC can deliver a solution tailored to your factory environment.

The Design

This high-performance chip can be configured to provide data collection, storage and real-time data analysis from multiple sensors and cameras, facilitating an efficient real-time hazard detection and control environment within your factory.

Depending on the size of your environment, the compute power required can be scaled by using multiple SoCs.

SoC Team

The Sondrel Solutions team of hardware and software engineering experts has been designing SoCs since the early 90s'. The team’s track record has included multiple projects involving graphics processors for TV, camera and gaming platforms, as well as digital radio processors, routers and wifi streaming chips.

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