SOC Design for IoT application


The purpose of this engagement was to build an IoT SoC that allowed for external communication, internal SoC management, security control, debug and test that could be adapted for multiple IoT applications. The design was built using the Arm® CoreLink™ SSE-200 subsystem of integrated and validated ARM IP, designed for low power, with security at both the hardware and software levels. Using a pre-verified subsystem can significantly reduce the design and development time of a SoC build.

The Design

Making use of a pre-verified subsystem as the basis of your technology solution can reduce your engineering costs.

  • Built around fully featured Arm® CoreLink™ SSE-200 Subsystem
  • TSMC 40nm ULP
  • Frequency: 160Mhz

The Team

This was a fixed price engagement, using Sondrel tools and infrastructure. The Sondrel engineering team shared responsibility with the customer for the engineering specification, and held full responsibility for the project execution plans, RTL design, integration, DfT and verification, lending support to the physical implementation, bring-up and the test set-up.

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