AI driven IoT Edge Processing


State of the Art Surveillance

This is a high-performance computing (HPC) and video analytics SoC, with cognitive neural networking (CNN) capabilities, designed and developed by the Sondrel engineering team. The technology supports people and object tracking and analysis within a large complex public environment.

Facial & Object Recognition in Video Streams

The client's sophisticated object & facial recognition software allow surveillance operatives to identify people and things in live video streams from cameras in public places. Sondrel created the AI capability in the chip using AI accelerators and connected the video streams from the camera sensors, process the video against the surveillance requirement and then enable the product to make decisions based on what it finds. Doing all of this in a chip makes the whole system perform quickly in a unit size that can be easily deployed in many places. Sending high quality video over the internet, especially wirelessly, can be complex and needs to be secure. The system is architected to ensure that the relevant data is sent back to the control centre quickly, securely and without failure or interruption so that rapid action can be taken.

The Design

This SoC design combines video encode/decode with 4K video resolution, GPU and CPU compute clusters and the client’s DSP technology to deliver a powerful video analytics engine. The multi-core heterogeneous architecture of the design manages the power requirements for optimum efficiency.

SoC Team

The Sondrel team of hardware and software engineering experts has been designing SoCs since the early nineties. The team’s track record includes multiple projects involving graphics processors for TV, camera and gaming platforms, as well as digital radio processors, routers and WiFi streaming chips.

The team's capabilities with high definition video does not stop at video analytics. Projects include work on cinematography video cameras, studio video cameras, wireless display systems, high-res miniature video screens and many more. This system on chip is an extreme example of an IoT device, pushing the boundaries of what an internet connected system can do.

Large Chip Area

While the chip size (area) in this case is large, the process node is advanced, meaning that the client's end product will have superb performance capabilities. In many cases, Sondrel has also created video over WiFi / ethernet solutions for clients where the speed and quality were not so important. For simpler CCTV systems, ANPR systems, or where monitors and displays do not need high definition video, but do require rapid, never fail and secure transmission, Sondrel has a range of reference designs based on previous client projects that create a head start when designing a chip.

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