VR/AR Functionality for a gaming headset


This SoC engagement was for a leading provider of 3D depth-sensing, computer vision and deep learning technologies. Applications utilising this type of processor include virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, ADAS systems and robotics. In this instance, the SoC will be used as a sensor for virtual reality (VR) headsets, enabling hand gestures and self-tracking (inside-out tracking).

The Design

The engineering team hit the low power requirements of the design using switchable power domains, clock gating and leakage recovery.

  • High functionality/performance, low power wearable image processing sensor.
  • Hierarchical design with a top level and 5 sub blocks
  • Size: 7mm X 6mm to fit in 8mm2 FCBGA package
  • Technology: 28nm TSMC
  • Frequency: 800MHz
  • IP: ARM Cortex A5, Ceva vision processing XM4 DSP, LP-DDR 2/3, USB 3, PLL Efuse, and camera phys

The Team

Working from Sondrel design centres in the UK and Morocco, the team successfully completed the synthesis (physical), floorplan development, CTS, place and route and packaging development to the precise specification. EDA Tools and IT infrastructure were supplied by Sondrel.

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