Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) for Connected Bicycles


This engagement was for a client who is a world-leading provider of high-performance low-power satellite positioning and multi-source fusion chips. The technology can be used in solutions for surveying and mapping, intelligent driving, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In this instance the SoC design provides a transport technology solution for connected bicycles.

The Design

This design takes the customer's technology to the next level; an ultra-low power chip supporting a longer battery life, with a small footprint, and giving faster more accurate positioning information across challenging signal environments.

  • Technology: TSMC 28nm HPC+
  • Frequency: 214.5Mhz
  • Chip size: 5mm^2
  • Tools flow: EDI, Tessent, PrimeTime, StarRC, Formality, RedHawk, Calibre

The Team

The engineering team, based in China, provided Netlist2GDS and DfT engineering support for this client engagement. The EDA tools and IT services on this occasion were provided by the customer.

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