When I graduated in Electronic Engineering, I was keen to work on hi-tech projects but also wanted to travel. Sondrel is an international company where you get to work with people from many countries all the time, both in the same office and remotely. I like that I can learn different ways to solve problems by being in a multi -cultural environment. I also really like the variety of work at Sondrel and the chance to work with big name companies and on advanced technology such as 7nm processes. Because of this I can learn different flows and tools and challenge myself every day to do the best I can, which is really rewarding and fun.

After I joined Sondrel, I got three months training in China Ningbo Nottingham University. I learned basic concepts of physical design which laid a good foundation for my future work. We also had training on how to use tools more efficiently and how to use the updated tool functions. The course included soft skills workshops such as project management training, interview techniques etc. which were very interesting. When I joined the Sondrel Shanghai office, my English was not very good, I could communicate with colleagues from other countries but not in a professional way. I was very pleased when English teachers came to our office every month to help improve my formal English-speaking skills.

I have built confidence and I have already taped out on five successful projects.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to move to the UK with Sondrel. When I studied here, I loved this country very much – full of history, quiet and peaceful compared to busy city life at home, and with countryside views everywhere. In the UK people are friendly and not always under pressure. It is multi -cultural so you feel that other countries are not far away.

Now I am really improving my English. Although I got my MSc here, my English was not good enough to talk about culture or news or to give a good presentation to my colleagues. Since joining Sondrel I made lots of friends. Our colleagues are very nice and chatty and very patient and they ask me tell them about my own country. Last month I even gave a speech to encourage UK teenagers study engineering.

I also love being able to learn about multiple cultures. We have colleagues from all around the world here, so you find out things about their culture that are not exactly same as what you learned from the books. Every month in the office we have a “snack & chat” based on festivals or food from different countries and this helps us understand each other’s culture more easily.

When I joined Sondrel I had no idea about what physical design is all about. After some training and learning from colleagues and managers I have built confidence and I have already taped out on five successful projects.