Experience in a wide range of technologies and applications

Sondrel is known for the quality of its design work and is highly regarded for work in leading edge applications incorporating artificial intelligence, video processing and graphics manipulation plus applications with inherent data security features using cryptography and blockchain technologies. 

From Simple to Complex

From simple mixed signal designs to large area chips with complex digital processing, high performance specifications and large data handling capabilities, our experience and domain expertise covers a broad spectrum of applications. Few design teams have experience working at advanced nodes or handling large or high data throughput designs - which is why we are constantly sought out for work in areas such as datacentre networking, video processing, video analytics and AI, mobile IoT applications and automotive/ machine vision products.  

From High Volume to Large Area

Our work on smaller, less complex SoCs taking designs to silicon and managing production and supply for clients is one branch of our work. We also produce designs from concept and architectural overview through to supply on large area complex chips with teams of up to 120 engineers.

From End-to-End Solutions to Outsourced Services

Our architects can work with your ideas and sketches or fully specified requirements to produce a design that we can take through to silicon on your behalf. In addition we offer outsourced services in specialist engineering disciplines both globally and in key geographies such as China, where out specialists are consulted by some of the world's most famous technology brands providing much needed and hard to acquire expertise.