​Product Definition Life Cycle

Sondrel works with clients from project concept through to silicon bring-up. We work to processes that produce predictable and reliable outcomes.

We follow a proven methodology to turn the concept into an agreed market requirement document, architectural specifications and detailed engineering specifications that enable the product to be developed, based on a clear cost and schedule.

Product Definition Lifecycle

Development Phase Methodology

Our advanced in-house methodology enables us to compile any design in a consistent manner. This allows engineers to describe designs in a logical, hierarchical and flexible manner to direct EDA tools and internal flows. The file lists generated are stored in the IEEE IP-Exact format, an industry-wide standard for providing not only hardware information, but also for software and protocol standardisation. 

The Sondrel methodology saves time in the design process and minimises human error.  Engineers can quickly generate design views for the purposes of simulation, synthesis and emulation without needing to recreate them manually. Our methodology automates many other inbuilt tool flows, including RTL compilation, linting and CDC, MBIST insertion and formal equivalency.

Our methodology ensures the coherency of data across a design throughout the process and automates manual updating tasks to eliminate human error. The resulting efficiency gives our customers the edge: we deliver designs expertly, with impeccable quality and at speeds few other design consultancies can match.