Introducing Our SoC Execution Team

The Sondrel team of hardware and software engineering experts has been designing cutting-edge SoCs since the early '90s. With over 200 engineering specialists, we provide sizeable project teams to execute our clients’ technology solutions. The team’s track record has included multiple successful projects involving graphics processors for TV, camera and gaming platforms, as well as digital radio processors, routers and wifi streaming chips.  

You can be confident when engaging with Sondrel. We are design experts. Our collective expertise, underpinned by our proven design flow, can de-risk your project and deliver your solution efficiently and effectively. On time and on budget.


"Our strength and depth as a team is particularly strong in designs involving graphics, image and video processing."

Kevin Steptoe
VP Engineering Kevin Steptoe
VP Engineering

Experienced in Products Using AI Technology

Products that incorporate what is commonly termed Artificial Intelligence (AI) are flourishing. Under the wide umbrella of AI there are many technology solutions coming to market to enhance and personalise the end-user experience and to support and augment human decision-making.

In most instances, SoC designs for AI are complex, with the need to finely tune and balance power and performance requirements to achieve the optimum solution. We have successfully delivered designs for our clients incorporating AI technologies. For example, a recent design included integrating Cognitive Neural Networking (CNN) IP within a large multi-core heterogeneous system.

You can rely on Sondrel to deliver your SoC build from concept, through architecture, design, verification, implementation and bring-up to qualified silicon. 

Our customers understanding of their market and requirements, combined with Sondrel’s know-how in advanced SoC design, creates a winning team.
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A Design Methodology Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Our design processes and methodology have been developed and improved upon over multiple projects; a proven capability that our clients have confidence in, and ensures the efficient delivery on even the most complex SoC designs. 

Challenges in SoC complexity are overcome by our use of automated infrastructure and careful logical and physical partitioning, the latter being encapsulated in re-useable consistent interfaces. Architectural exploration tools such as modelling and performance analysis also ensure a right first time design methodology.

In this way we can de-risk the design process, boost productivity and reduce human error.

Faster Construction of SoCs Using a Subsystem Approach

A bespoke system on chip device targets the needs of a particular client where they wish to significantly increase the power and/or performance of their product, or to address the size of the technology within it. 

It can, however, be inefficient to start the development of such a product with a completely blank sheet of paper. The Sondrel team, using its experience gained over many years, has created a subsystem approach, using where possible proven IP partners, in-house “glue” IP components and a tried and tested methodology to pull designs through the development process quickly and efficiently.

In addition, once a client’s initial design reaches silicon and their newly won customers start to request variances to the design, you can progress with a derivative factory approach that sharply reduces subsequent design cycles and costs.

Sondrel IP

Sondrel is independent of any IP or CAD provider. Our neutrality on this topic allows us to recommend the best options for each application and to suit the client’s budget. In developing SoCs over the years we have created our own IP; these have been aimed at the efficient and effective assembly of a SoC where an external product was not available or could not deliver the outcome we sought.  

As such Sondrel’s IP portfolio is not for sale as stand-alone IP. It is delivered as part of our execution of a client's SoC project, as an aid in assembling the SoC in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

Image Processing and Video Analytics Expertise

One of the most significant changes in systems design in recent times is in the way they support technologies that view, sense and interpret their environment. High specification camera sensors are being combined with advances in system on chip design in areas such as cognitive neural network IP and low power/high performance CPUs. Bringing the technologies together enables vision systems with decision making capabilities (AI) that can operate in the field, processing and analysing data. Such devices are now commonly referred to as 'edge node devices.' They do not rely on sending data to the cloud for analysis, having processing capabilities within them, and so avoid latency issues that can render their application ineffective.

Sondrel’s SoC Solutions team has a strong track record in the creation of such devices for both camera and video. Our understanding of current and upcoming standards for video, image and display will ensure your product is still as leading-edge when launched as it was when you first planned it.

Multi-Core Heterogeneous Designs

Computing is being incorporated into more and more products and their functionality is becoming more complex and diverse.

Multi-core heterogeneous designs are not new, however they are increasingly adopted to manage and balance the power and performance requirements of today's challenging technology solutions.

The main benefits of this approach include:

  • Performance optimisation
  • Reduction of power consumption
  • Improved system reliability and security

We can advise you on the best approach for your SoC solution based on our experience in developing multi-core designs with multiple processor architectures.

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