Mission Statement 

For 20 years Sondrel has been known for delivering high quality and highly complex IC designs to fabless and systems companies worldwide.  Our designs have appeared in hundreds of leading-edge products including those of the market leaders in mobile phones, games consoles, security systems, AR/VR systems, network switches and routers, cameras, computer systems, and many, many more.

Our success is based on our knowledge of how to work together to get the most out of silicon, and how to get it to market reliably, on time and at the right price.  Underpinning our engineering is a deep technical understanding of advanced processes and design techniques, enabling us to produce designs with the highest combination of power efficiency and performance, coupled with our unique holistic approach to unit cost management and reliability. 

This leads to our mission statement, which emphasises our core strengths built from People, Process, Product and Partners:  

By investing in our people, and by creating strong partnerships, we employ a mix of technology, management and consulting expertise to deliver high quality digital ASIC solutions that enable our customer’s business success.


  • To be one of the top 3 providers of high quality ASIC solutions in new technologies. 
  • To be technology thought leaders, whose opinions and advice are sought by customers, press and investors alike. 
  • To be a trustworthy and reliable partner

Strategic Objectives


We will select and invest in our processes and people so that we can consistently deliver the best


We will define and promote our differentiating capabilities and people relentlessly


We will focus on predictable, efficient and high-quality output in everything we do


We will sell more and more for every man-hour of engineering we deliver


We will select and invest in our partners to leverage our combined capabilities to our mutual benefit