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Semiconductor design is a highly competitve and dynamic sector pitching large established companies against new emerging ones, all seeking the market leading performance for a succesful design. Success is often measured in PPA (power, performance, area) and time to market. Design costs are rising to accommodate increased design and verification costs and the use of the latest technology nodes. Emerging IoT/M2M start-ups are looking for cost efficient low power solutions to turn their applications into working silicon. 

Time to market can be improved by use of off the shelf IP, but perhaps at the expense of leading edge performance. PPA improvements may be possible, but at new technology nodes where the design team has little expertise. Taking the right design choices and creating an on time/on budget outcome can be a daunting task for many companies who design less frequently.  

Sondrel's design teams are always designing and 50% of our engineering resource is typically operating on designs below 20nm technology node. An engineer in a Sondrel team will reach tape out a number of times a year and have knowledge of most of the latest EDA tools within their expertise area. Sondrel is directly briefed by both EDA suppliers and the foundaries who recognise us as a vital part of their design eco system. 

Sondrel offers early stage consultancy before critial design decisions are taken, as well as highly skilled engineers to enact the project from concept to validated silicon. We have a pyramid of engineering from Associate Director level to Junior Engineer who are supported, mentored and trained to maximise their effectiveness on a project. 

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