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Sondrel has created a series of ISO27001 compliant multi-secure room (data and physical) design centers in the UK, Mainland Europe, Morocco, India and China. Each offers the best environment for our customers and engineers to deliver successful projects and specific consultancy tasks.  Sondrel can supply an entire design team or add additional engineers to support or complete your existing team. Customers use our offshore sites where necessary design skills are not available to them locally, or are simply too expensive. Additional benefits include the handling of peaks and troughs in engineering load, the release of expensive office space at a customer site, and of course a reduction in IC design cost. Sondrel can supply tools from all the main EDA vendors as required and operate them in a secure cloud environment.

We have made a datasheet download available for you, with more detailed information.

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Project Management

Project Management within the semiconductor sector is particularly challenging. In today’s world of progressively complex SoC designs, unpredictable and fast changing design requirements and inflexible schedules, each project is full of risks.  You need to mitigate these risks with professional project management. It is now a vital element for the success of your project.

At the top of the Sondrel engineering pyramid is our Associate Director level. These engineers are picked from among our Senior Consultants as suited to managing projects and teams to successful outcomes. Sondrel trains and mentors these engineers in delivery and they are selected for their good customer communication skills as well as their delivery excellence. 

Having completed many design projects over the last 13 years, for different market sectors and on technology nodes down to 14nm, we have experienced the challenges of complex chip design. We understand the value of project management which is why every project we manage for our customers has a full-time professionally trained project manager leading it.

The Sondrel Project Management Office is constantly updating our Neon project management process to leading trends in project management.  It also provides extensive training and guidance to not just our project managers but to every engineer in the company.  

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