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Delivering a successful project requires the project manager to have understood the task, appreciated and where possible mitigated against the risks, selected the best team and broken down and allocated the tasks. Sondrel has continuously invested over the past twelve years in its design methodology (Neon) and its design flow (Helium).

Sondrel Neon Design Methodology

                               Neon Design Methodology


Following a full discussion and understanding of your needs, a statement of work will be created and signed by both sides. Using our Neon methodology a 5 step process will be described, taking the project from a discovery phase, through a series of flow and trial gates, onto an implementation stage, and then to a finishing and ECO stage. 

Our Helium 8 tool allows the client to select their PPA prioritisation, allowing Sondrel to select best in class EDA tools most suitable to delivering to your requirements. The selected EDA flow is run within our Helium environment with a graphical interface to report project progress to the client. Helium 8P is a flow specially selected to reduce power demand. 

Download a datasheet to read further details on this design flow and methodology

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