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Watch this animation about ARM® DesignStart™ and Sondrel – Providing Access to affordable Custom SoC Design

ARM® DesignStart™ and Sondrel – Providing Access to affordable Custom SoC Design


About The ARM Approved Program

ARM Approved is a program through which ARM brings together ARM IP, Tools and Design House Expertise to support start-ups and OEMs turn their ideas into working silicon. Every ARM Approved partner has been through a robust audit process which allows them to be recommended in their specific field.

Joining Requirements of the Program:

Design Partners are audited against their ability to deliver success in SoC design services based around Cortex-M0 and the ARM DesignStart program. All Partners are known to ARM and have demonstrated a record of delivering successful design projects around ARM Cortex-M0 IP. Many are also well versed in other ARM IP and have their own libraries of IP which they can deploy in customer projects.

Read the latest announcement on Enhanced ARM DesignStart, eliminating upfront license fees for ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 processors.

Sondrel Expertise to Support your IoT/M2M Application

As an independent Design Services Consultancy, Sondrel can provide you with help and advice based on what is best for you and your product. The Internet of Things encompasses products in multiple market segments, so each customer project will need to be evaluated, the specification and priorities identified, to devise the best way forward. Sondrel's expertise built up over 13 years in digital and analogue low power design, and with relationships with key supply chain partners across Europe and Asia, allows our project managers to offer consultancy at the early project stage when key decisions are being taken that will impact on costs down the line.

Key Information


We have prepared an information sheet on the process, key decisions and methods of creating your custom IoT ASIC that you can download here:

IoT M2M IC Design Consultancy Datasheet


And you can contact us to have a conversation about your project. 

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