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A Consultancy Service for Delivering your IoT Chip

IoT is an umbrella term that may mean many things to many people. Clients approaching us in this sector might have relatively small, often mixed-signal chip projects. 

Many prospective IoT/M2M start-ups and OEMs would benefit from a custom ASIC to generate VC or lead customer interest proving the application with working silicon. Typically, VCs are unwilling to lend to develop silicon, they want to invest in a working application. OEM’s can be reluctant to develop a SoC as this is not their core business, even if it may be significantly cheaper than off-the-shelf multiple chips they buy today. Sondrel has recognised these challenges, and collaborated to create new collaborative supply chain solutions.

Watch this video animation to understand the Semiconductor Supply Chain and the key decisions that will impact on the cost of your Chip.

IoT Semiconductor Supply Chain Video

Our expertise, built up over 13 years in digital and analogue low power design, and firm partnerships within the semiconductor supply chain across Europe and Asia, allows our projects managers to offer consultancy at the early project stage. This is when key decisions need to be taken that will impact on costs down the line. Sondrel can then follow through with spec to silicon execution successfully ensuring the delivery of your IoT/M2M custom ASIC. 

Key Benefits from this consultancy:


Expert cooperation and partnerships between designers, IP providers and manufacturing partners is essential in ensuring that devices can be successfully designed, manufactured, evaluated and tested either in prototype quantities, using cost effect multi-project wafers (MPW’s) or in volume production. Sondrel has established key partnerships in order to deliver a comprehensive consultancy solution, including, amongst others, as an accredited ARM Approved Partner, an imec IC-Link Approved Partner and an UltraSoC Partner. Together, we can take your IoT application and turn it into working silicon.


Sondrel is an ARM Approved Partner   Sondrel is a TSMC Design Approved Partner   sondrel design partner for imec ic-link   UltraSoC Monitring and analytics IP    

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Creating your IoT IC

IoT devices are typically mixed signal  ASICs consisting of wireless connectivity, power management and sensor interface circuits. A make or buy decision is required for each circuit, along with selection of an appropriate semiconductor process technology, foundry and package to meet the device cost, electrical and environmental requirements. Sondrel’s expertise in low power design and its relationships with supply chain partners across Europe and Asia allow us to offer true consultancy at the earliest project stage when key decisions are being taken that may impact costs down the line.
More established product companies may simply wish to reduce IC procurement costs by combining off the shelf purchased analog and digital chips into a cheaper, smaller, lower power and more capable custom SoC. 

Sondrel Process & Methodology for Delivering your IoT SoC

Sondrel Process and Methodology for delivering your IoT IC












More Information

To discuss your IoT project requirements, and the best way forward to create your IoT/M2M IC, contact the Sondrel Team today. You can also download our free datasheet on our IoT Consultancy Services, and take a look at our IC Design blog.

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