Employee Experience Programme

Employee Experience Programme

Sondrel Employee Experience Programme

Benefits for all of our Employees

Sondrel is committed to reinforcing and promoting positive behaviours that support the company’s mission, vision, and values. As part of this, the company aims to recognise and reward exemplary behaviour and valuing individual and continued contribution to the success of the company.

The Employee Experience Programme has been created to enhance all of our employees time in the workplace. From small things, like fresh fruit in the offices and birthday cakes for colleagues, to larger events organised by subsidised office social committees, the aim is to create a pleasant and productive environment in which to work. Part of this programme includes the 'Sondrel Stars' and 'Sondrel Plus'.

Sondrel Stars

Sondrel Stars is a quarterly reward programme, with nominees selected by fellow colleagues. Employees are asked to nominate those who have displayed a specific singular achievement during a particular quarter. 

Sondrel Employee Experience ProgrammeSondrel Plus

This yearly programme, will be available to 5% of the employee workforce who are chosen for their ability to regularly deliver against long term business goals. It has been created to further develop, support, and train exceptional individuals within the business, while exposing them to new ideas and skills which will ultimately improve their effectiveness. The Sondrel Plus programme will provide a bespoke and personalised training course for employees to further develop their skills, capabilities and potential.

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