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Sondrel is a fast growing privately owned IC Design Services Consultancy. We operate from ISO27001 compliant design centres in 8 locations across the UK, Europe and Asia. We are continuously investing in our design capabilities and introducing new areas of consultancy as the semiconductor market itself evolves and changes. Achieving and sustaining growth requires the right balances in delivering career satisfaction for our staff and engineers, successful project outcomes for our customers and sustainable business performance for our investors. This balance is best articulated through the idea of partnerships. 

Success Through Partnership.  

At the heart of Sondrel’s business model is the belief in building, maintaining and growing partnerships. A partner can be a customer, a supplier or a work colleague. Any partnership begins with articulating and understanding the common goals that you are working towards. Partners share the risks and rewards, and trust one another to help and support the other to fulfil their goals. Sondrel has been building such partnerships for thirteen years, and continues to build long term relationships within the semiconductor industry, for the mutual benefit and success of all parties.

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About us

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